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We Sell BRAND NEW Equipment with Free Shipping & Zero Sales Tax – Offer Valid Through May!
Top 5 Best Recliners For Sleeping in 2024

Top 5 Best Recliners For Sleeping in 2024

Recliners have emerged as a popular solution, offering adjustable support and positions to promote better sleep. They cater to those with chronic pain, sleep apnea, or other conditions that make sleeping in a traditional bed uncomfortable.

What is the best sleeping recliner? Choosing the best reclining chairs to sleep in involves considering several factors, such as the level of support provided, the quality of the upholstery, and the durability of the construction. It's also important to think about the size of the recliner, as it needs to fit both the space in one's home and the user's body shape and size comfortably.

The Top 5 Recliners for Sleeping

1. Pride Vivalift Ultra Lift Chair

The Pride Vivalift Ultra Lift Chair and our choice of the best sleep recliner chair, is an innovative mobility aid designed to provide users with a comfortable and supportive reclining experience. This chair is not just a simple scooter; it's a multifunctional piece of furniture that delivers both relaxation and assistance.

The Vivalift Ultra features a powerful lifting mechanism that gently guides the user to a standing position, making it ideal for individuals with limited mobility who need extra support. The chair is upholstered in plush, durable fabric and comes with an array of position adjustments for personalized comfort.


  • Overall Weight: Small/Medium - 158 lbs, Large/Tall - 176 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs
  • Seat to Floor: Small - 18", Medium - 19.5", Large/Tall - 21"
  • Seat Depth: Small - 18", Medium - 21", Large/Tall - 22"
  • Seat Width: Small - 20", Medium - 22.5", Large/Tall - 23"


2. Journey Perfect Sleep Chair

The Journey Perfect Sleep Chair is a versatile and luxurious chair that doubles as a sleep solution for those who need the comfort and support of a lift chair. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Journey Perfect Sleep Chair offers a seamless transition from a sitting to a sleeping position, providing a perfect spot for relaxation or a restful night's sleep. The chair is equipped with multiple reclining positions, including a zero-gravity position for optimal comfort and improved circulation.


  • Height Range: under 5'5" to 6'4"
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 375 lbs 
  • Seat to Floor: range of 19.5" - 21"
  • Seat Depth: 20" or 21"
  • Seat Width: range of 19.5" - 23" 


3. Pride Vivalift Radiance Lift Chair

The Pride Vivalift Radiance Lift Chair is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that combines comfort with functionality. Designed to provide users with a seamless lift experience, this chair is equipped with an array of features tailored to enhance relaxation and support. The Radiance Lift Chair boasts a weight capacity that allows it to accommodate a variety of users with ease.

Its overall weight is a testament to its sturdy construction and durable materials. The chair also includes a heating system for added comfort, as well as a USB charger for convenience.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Height Range: under 5'4" to 6'2" and above
  • Seat to Floor: from 18" to 21.5"
  • Seat Depth: from 18" to 22"
  • Seat Width: from 20" to 24"


4. Pride Vivalift Elegance Lift Chair

The Pride Vivalift Elegance Lift Chair is the epitome of style meets functionality in the world of mobility aids. This chair is designed for those who seek both comfort and elegance in their living space. The Elegance Lift Chair has a robust weight capacity, making it a versatile choice for individuals of various sizes.

The overall weight of the chair reflects its high-quality construction and the premium materials used. The chair's user-friendly controls allow for multiple adjustments, including recline and lift functions, ensuring users can find their perfect position with ease. The Elegance Lift Chair not only aids in mobility but also enhances the aesthetic of any room it graces.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Height Range: 5'4" - 5'10" and above
  • Seat to Floor: Medium - 20", Large - 20.5"
  • Seat Depth: Medium - 21", Large - 22"
  • Seat Width: Medium - 21", Large - 22"


5. Pride Vivalift Atlas Plus 2 Lift Chair

The Pride Vivalift Atlas Plus 2 Lift Chair is a recliner chair you can sleep in and a state-of-the-art mobility aid designed to offer comfort and support to individuals who may have difficulty standing up from a seated position. This lift chair is not only a stylish addition to any home, but it is also packed with features that prioritize user safety, convenience, and relaxation.

One of the key specifications of this lift chair is its dual motor system, which allows for independent control of the backrest and leg rest. This means users can adjust their seating position to their exact preferences, achieving a perfect balance between comfort and ergonomic support. The chair also comes with a convenient remote control that can be used to smoothly transition from a reclining to a standing position, providing users with a sense of autonomy and mobility.


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Minimum Height: 5'4"
  • Maximum Height: 5'9"
  • Seat Depth: 21"
  • Seat Width: 22"
  • Floor to Seat: 19.5"


Benefits of Sleeping in a Recliner

Many individuals find that sleeping in a recliner offers several advantages over traditional beds, ranging from health-related improvements to enhanced comfort. Specific models are regarded as the best electric recliner for sleeping due to their design and features.

Health Advantages

The most comfortable recliners for sleeping often provide better lumbar support and can reduce the discomfort associated with conditions such as lower back pain. They facilitate an inclined position which can minimize snoring and alleviate sleep apnea symptoms due to the elevation of the upper body. This position also aids in improving circulation and can reduce swelling in the legs.

Condition Benefit of Sleeping in a Recliner
Lower back pain Alleviates pressure on the spine
Sleep apnea Reduces airway obstruction
Edema Helps in decreasing leg swelling

Comfort and Convenience

The most comfortable recliner for sleeping typically features adjustable positions, allowing users to find the perfect angle for rest. This adaptability is complemented by superior cushioning that supports the body evenly, enhancing the quality of sleep. Additionally, for those with limited mobility or those who experience pains upon waking, these recliners can be the best chair to sleep in due to the ease of transitioning from lying down to standing up.

  • Ease of Use: Simple mechanisms for adjusting the recliner.
  • Customization: Multiple positions to accommodate personal comfort preferences.
  • Support: High-quality cushioning offers a supportive sleeping surface.

Sleeping in a recliner tailored to personal comfort needs can lead to a more restful night and can contribute positively to one’s overall well-being.

Types of Recliners Suitable for Sleeping

When selecting the best recliner to sleep in, it's essential to understand the different types available that provide both comfort and support. They range from standard models to specialized chairs with power and lift functions, each suitable for various needs and preferences.

Standard Recliners

Standard recliners are the foundational design for sleeping comfort. They allow the user to lean back and elevate their feet, promoting relaxation and improving circulation. The best sleeping recliner typically has a generously padded backrest and a smooth reclining mechanism for ease of use. Buyers should look for sturdy frames and durable fabrics that can withstand regular use.

Lift Recliners

A lift recliner is a versatile choice for individuals with limited mobility. It gently tilts forward, assisting the user in transitioning from a seated to a standing position. The best lift recliner for sleeping offers a smooth lift mechanism and is equipped with a comfortable seat and backrest that can recline to a flat position conducive for sleeping.

Power Recliners

Power recliners offer a range of positions at the touch of a button, making adjustments effortless and precise. They are ideal for users who may need to change their sleeping angle frequently throughout the night. The best power recliner for sleeping is one that has reliable motorized controls, a backup battery in case of power failure, and a supportive headrest for neck comfort.

Features to Consider

Selecting the best recliner for sleeping is an investment in one's comfort and health. The following key features must be evaluated to ensure a perfect choice.

Recline Mechanism

The recline mechanism should be smooth and easy to operate, allowing the user to adjust the chair to the optimal angle for sleep without strain. Look for recliners with either a manual lever or a power button that offers multiple positions for comfort. It is critical that the mechanism is reliable and doesn’t become loose over time, as this can affect the chair's support and comfort.

Upholstery and Padding

Upholstery comes in various materials, each with different benefits:

  • Leather: Durable and easy to clean but may not breathe as well as other fabrics.
  • Fabric: Often more breathable and available in a wider range of colors and patterns.

Padding is crucial for comfort during long periods of use. High-density foam or memory foam is recommended for both support and durability.

Size and Space Requirements

Shop for a recliner that fits both the user's body and the space where it will be placed. Consider the following dimensions:

  • Fully Reclined Length: Measure the space to ensure the chair can fully extend without hitting other furniture.
  • Width: The seat should provide ample room without feeling cramped.
  • Height: The backrest should be tall enough to support the head and neck adequately.

Additional Features

Additional features can greatly enhance the sleeping experience:

  • Built-in Support: Lumbar and neck support can help prevent aches and pains.
  • Adjustable Footrest: Ensures support for the legs and improves circulation.
  • Massage and Heat Functions: Some recliners offer therapeutic benefits for additional relaxation and pain relief.

When considering which model to purchase, it's important to prioritize these features based on individual needs and preferences.

Maintaining Your Sleeping Recliner

Proper maintenance of a sleeping recliner extends its lifespan and ensures maximum comfort. This involves regular cleaning and understanding warranty terms for sustainable use.

Cleaning and Care

Materials Needed:

  • Vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment
  • Mild detergent
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Leather conditioner (for leather recliners)


  1. Vacuum the recliner's surface to remove dust and debris.
  2. Mix mild detergent with warm water to create a cleaning solution.
  3. Dip the soft-bristled brush in the solution and gently scrub the fabric.
  4. Wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth, avoiding saturation.
  5. Apply leather conditioner to leather recliners semi-annually.

For Fabric Recliners:

  • Address spills immediately to prevent stains.
  • Use fabric protectors for added stain resistance.

For Leather Recliners:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Avoid sharp objects that can scratch or pierce the leather.

Durability and Warranty


  • Check and tighten bolts and screws every six months.
  • Lubricate reclining mechanism as needed for smooth operation.
  • Rotate and fluff cushions regularly to maintain shape.


  • Retain purchase receipts and warranty documents.
  • Contact manufacturer for warranty service, not third-party repair services.
  • Review warranty terms annually to stay informed about coverage status.


What is the best recliner to sleep in? The selection of the best sleeping recliners is influenced by several factors. Comfort is paramount, with memory foam and pillow-top options providing cushioning that contours to the body. Support involves both ergonomic design and lumbar support to maintain proper spine alignment. It's also important to consider the space where the recliner will be placed, as well as the user's personal style and budget constraints. Reliable brands often offer a balance of quality and cost, ensuring that the recliner will be a worthwhile investment.

When choosing the best recliner for sleeping, it is crucial to prioritize features that enhance sleep quality and ensure the furniture's longevity. By weighing these considerations, individuals can select a recliner that not only provides comfort and support but also matches their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Make sure to check out sleeping recliner reviews in order to make the best decision for you!

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