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We Sell BRAND NEW Equipment with Free Shipping & Zero Sales Tax – Offer Valid Through April!
What to Expect: Jazzy Wheelchair Price and Features

What to Expect: Jazzy Wheelchair Price and Features

When shopping for a mobility aid, consumers consider the Jazzy wheelchair as one of the leading options. Known for their robust build and advanced features, Jazzy wheelchairs offer users a blend of comfort and technology. 

Jazzy wheelchair prices vary considerably based on the model, features, and specifications desired by the user. Pricing is an essential factor for potential buyers, and Jazzy wheelchairs cater to a range of budgets, ensuring there is a suitable option for different financial situations.

Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair


Understanding Jazzy Wheelchairs

Jazzy Wheelchairs by Pride Mobility are known for their versatility and durability, tailored to meet various mobility needs with a range of models and prices to suit different budgets.

Features of Jazzy Wheelchairs

Jazzy Wheelchairs have several distinctive features that enhance the mobility experience for users. They typically come with:

  • Mid-Wheel Drive Technology: This provides excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • High-Performance Motors: These ensure reliable speeds and powerful traversal over different terrains.
  • Advanced Suspension Systems: Such systems offer a smooth ride, absorbing the shocks from uneven surfaces.
  • Intuitive Controls: Simplified user interfaces for easy operation of the wheelchair.
  • Long-Lasting Batteries: Optimized for extended range and increased independence.

Models and Specifications

Jazzy Wheelchair models vary widely, each designed with specific user needs in mind. Below is a succinct overview of the available models:

Model Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Estimated Base Price
Jazzy Air 2 300 lbs 20.75" Up to 4 mph Starting at $3,999
Jazzy 600 ES 300 lbs 20.5" Up to 4 mph Starting at $3,694
Jazzy Elite 14 300 lbs 24" Up to 4 mph Starting at $3,694

Jazzy EVO 614

250 lbs 22" Up to 4.8 mph Starting at $3,914

Please note that prices can fluctuate based on retail promotions, additional features, and customizations. Users should consult retailers or the official Pride Mobility website for the most current and accurate pricing information.

Jazzy Air 2 power wheelchair


Pricing Guide

Jazzy wheelchair prices can vary greatly, influenced by several factors and differing across models. It's essential for consumers to consider these aspects to make an informed purchase that suits their budget and needs.

Factors Affecting Prices

The cost of a Jazzy wheelchair is dependent on multiple elements. Firstly, the specific features and customizations play a significant role. For instance, wheelchairs with advanced technology such as higher capacity batteries or elevated seats tend to be more expensive. Moreover, the material and build quality are also crucial; lightweight frames using carbon fiber will generally increase the price. Warranty and service plans contribute to the overall cost, as longer or more comprehensive coverage can raise the initial expense. Additionally, retailers may offer varying prices due to distribution costs or promotions.

Price Comparison by Model

Pricing figures for different Jazzy wheelchair models are outlined as follows:

Model Features MSRP (USD)
Jazzy Air 2 Elevating seat, LED lights $4,179
Jazzy 600 ES Compact design, tight turning radius $3,529
Jazzy Elite HD Heavy-duty, large foot platform $3,699

Prices are subject to change based on reseller, region, and available discounts or insurance coverage. It's important they consult with a Jazzy dealer to receive the most accurate and current pricing tailored to their specific configuration.

Cost Analysis

When considering the price of a Jazzy wheelchair, potential buyers should evaluate both the immediate financial impact and the long-term value. Cost factors such as warranty and service expenses also play a crucial role.

Initial Purchase vs. Long-Term Value

The upfront cost of a Jazzy wheelchair can range significantly based on model and features, with prices starting from $2,499 to $4,644. High-end models, while more costly initially, may offer superior durability and technology that can provide better value over time. Buyers should assess:

  • Model and specifications: Heavy-duty models come with a higher price tag compared to standard or portable ones.
  • Features and customization: Enhanced comfort features, such as advanced cushioning and powered options, can affect the cost.
  • Potential financial assistance: Insurance coverage and financial aid programs may alleviate initial purchase costs.

Warranty and Service Costs

Jazzy wheelchairs often come with limited warranties that cover specific parts for varying lengths of time. Service costs can add up, and understanding warranty terms is essential for financial planning. Key warranty and service factors include:

  • Standard Warranty: Typically covers the frame, electronic components, and drivetrains for one to several years.
  • Extended Warranty Options: Additional coverage for parts and labor, which can be purchased to extend the standard warranty.
  • Battery replacements and routine maintenance: These are ongoing costs that owners will incur throughout the wheelchair's lifespan.

Note: Service rates and costs of parts vary, so users should consult with their provider for precise figures.

Pride Jazzy Elite 14 power wheelchair


    User Experiences

    In evaluating Jazzy wheelchair prices, it is crucial to consider the diverse experiences of users who have invested in these mobility devices.

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews indicate that Jazzy wheelchairs are often lauded for their durability and comfort. A common price point mentioned by customers falls around the $2,500 to around the $4,500 range, depending on the model and features. One user cited that the Jazzy Air 2, priced at approximately $4,254, offered a seamless blend of stability and elevating capabilities. However, some have mentioned that entry-level models, though more affordable, may lack some desired features like advanced suspension systems.

    • Model: Jazzy 600 ES

      • Price: $3,694
      • Feedback: "Excellent for indoor maneuverability, worth the price."

    Jazzy 600 ES power wheelchair


    • Model: Jazzy Carbon

      • Price: $2,499
      • Feedback: "Portable and travel-friendly, but with fewer features."

    Passport Carbon power chair


    Community Recommendations

    On community forums, recommendations for Jazzy wheelchairs often hinge on both user needs and wheelchair accessibility features. For individuals anticipating frequent travel, the Jazzy Passport is recommended due to its lighter frame and foldability, despite being on the lower end of the Jazzy price spectrum. Others require more complex seating and control mechanisms, suggesting that higher-end models like the Jazzy 1450 justify their cost, which can exceed $4,644. It is commonly agreed that investing in a Jazzy wheelchair is a balance between budget constraints and the fulfillment of personal mobility requirements.


    Jazzy wheelchairs by Pride Mobility offer a diverse range of models to accommodate different needs and budgets, with prices influenced by features, specifications, and customizations. From the portable Jazzy Carbon to the technologically advanced Jazzy Air 2, consumers have a variety of options to consider, each with its own set of advantages and price points. While initial costs for these power wheelchairs may seem substantial, the long-term value, durability, and enhanced mobility they provide can make them a worthwhile investment.

    Potential buyers should carefully evaluate their specific requirements, consult with Jazzy dealers, like Restore Mobility for the most accurate pricing, and consider warranty and service costs when making their decision. User reviews and community recommendations can also be valuable resources in choosing the right chair such as the Jazzy wheelchair, to ensure comfort and a better quality of life.

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