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We Sell BRAND NEW Equipment with Free Shipping & Zero Sales Tax – Offer Valid Through June!
Where to Buy a Wheelchair in 2024

Where to Buy a Wheelchair in 2024

Selecting the right wheelchair involves considering various factors such as mobility needs, comfort, and budget. For those in the market to purchase a wheelchair, it's important to explore the various avenues available. If you're wondering where to buy a wheelchair, wheelchairs can be bought from medical supply stores, specialized mobility shops, and online marketplaces. Each of these options provides a different shopping experience, ranging from hands-on assistance to the convenience of at-home browsing.

For those seeking to buy a wheel chair, weighing the pros and cons of each purchase point is crucial. Accessibility to in-person assistance and immediate purchase are benefits of brick-and-mortar stores, while online purchases offer the ease of comparison shopping and often a broader inventory. Irrespective of the chosen platform, ensuring that the wheelchair meets the specific needs of the user remains the paramount concern. Read our wheelchair buying guide below to find the perfect wheelchair for you!

Online Retailers

When seeking to purchase a wheelchair, online retailers offer a wide range of options, providing accessibility and competitive pricing. These platforms range from dedicated medical supply websites to general e-commerce hubs, each with a diverse selection of wheelchairs to cater to different needs and preferences.

Medical Supply Websites

Medical supply websites specialize in health care equipment, ensuring professional-grade wheelchairs are available. These sites often include detailed specifications and support materials, aiding in an informed wheel chair purchase.

  • Advantages: Tailored advice from customer service; specialized products fit for complex needs.
  • Popular sites:,
  • Services: Customization options, expert recommendations

General E-commerce Platforms

General e-commerce platforms, offer the convenience of a one-stop-shop experience. They have a broad selection of wheelchairs, from basic models to more advanced offerings, suitable for casual or temporary use.

  • Advantages: Competitive pricing; user reviews for quality assessment
  • Product Range: Varies from budget-friendly to premium wheelchairs
  • Shipping: Often includes options for rapid delivery


Specialty Wheelchair Outlets

Specialty wheelchair outlets focus on a wheel chair to buy, providing expertise and bespoke options. These outlets might serve the best interest of those with specific, customized needs.

  • Advantages: Custom-built wheelchairs; high level of expertise
  • Considerations: May have higher price points due to customization
  • Recommendation: Seek these outlets for tailor-made mobility solutions

Local Mobility Stores

Local mobility stores offer a range of wheelchairs and provide personalized services to assist customers with their mobility needs.

Physical Store Locations

Where can i get a wheelchair? When searching for wheelchairs to buy, it is advantageous to visit physical retail locations. These stores often have a variety of wheelchairs in stock, allowing customers to view and compare different models firsthand. Prospective buyers can find these stores through local business directories or by searching for "where to buy wheel chairs near me" in online search engines.

  • Advantages:
    • Test wheelchairs before purchase
    • See the full range available
  • Finding Stores:
    • Online search engines
    • Local directories

In-Store Assistance

In-store assistance is a crucial service provided by local mobility stores. Customers wondering "where can I find wheelchairs" and those in need of help selecting the correct model benefit from the knowledge of trained staff. These professionals can guide one through the purchase process, addressing any concerns about fit, comfort, and functionality.

  • Services Offered:
    • Personalized consultations
    • Professional fitting and adjustment
  • Expertise:
    • Staff trained on the latest wheelchair technology
    • Knowledgeable in ergonomic and comfort aspects


Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers play a crucial role in acquiring a wheelchair by offering necessary prescriptions and addressing the aspect of insurance coverage.

Prescriptions and Recommendations

When purchasing a wheelchair, one should consult healthcare providers for a prescription. This is not only important for ensuring that the wheelchair's features align with the user's health requirements, but it may also be a prerequisite for insurance. Providers can recommend specialized wheelchairs for those with specific conditions, such as heightened back support for spinal issues.

  • Considerations for Prescriptions:
    • Patient's mobility level
    • Patient's daily activity level
    • Specific health conditions

Providers may also offer suggestions on reputable suppliers or medical equipment stores where wheelchairs are available.

Insurance Coverage

Healthcare providers aid in navigating insurance policies that often cover a portion of the cost of a wheelchair. They can assist in filling out the necessary paperwork to ensure the patient receives maximum benefits. Knowing what the insurance covers is essential for making an informed wheelchair purchase.

  • Steps for Ensuring Coverage:
    1. Obtain a prescription from the healthcare provider.
    2. Contact the insurance company with the prescription details.
    3. Find out which wheelchair models are covered.
    4. Learn the extent of coverage and any associated out-of-pocket costs.

As healthcare providers are familiar with the process, they can provide insight into how to efficiently manage these steps.

Secondhand Options

Where can i buy a wheelchair? Purchasing a secondhand wheelchair can be a cost-effective way to acquire a reliable mobility aid. There are various platforms and approaches one can take to find a wheelchair with features that suits their needs.

Online Marketplaces

Online resources such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are valuable for finding a wide variety of secondhand wheelchairs. Here's how they can be utilized effectively:

  • eBay: A vast inventory where buyers can find wheelchairs with desired features and participate in auctions or buy instantly.
    • Auction Listings: Allow for potential savings if the market demand is low.
    • Buy It Now: Offers immediate purchase at a set price, benefiting those who prefer a straightforward transaction.
  • Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace: Localized searches make it possible to find wheelchairs nearby, enabling personal inspection before buying.
    • Direct Contact: Sellers can be messaged directly, allowing for negotiation and questions regarding the wheelchair's condition.
    • Inspect Before Purchase: Arranging a meeting gives the opportunity to check the wheelchair thoroughly.


Local Classified Ads

If you are wondering where to purchase wheelchairs, local newspapers and bulletin boards often contain classified ads where individuals and institutions may offer wheelchairs for sale. Buyers can consider these tips:

  • Local Newspapers: Listings can be found in the classifieds section, with the added trust that comes from dealing within the community.
    • Contact Information: Usually straightforward, allowing buyers to quickly reach out to sellers.
  • Community Bulletin Boards: Locations such as community centers, hospitals, and rehab facilities sometimes have postings for wheelchairs.
    • Targeted Searches: These boards often attract sellers specifically offering mobility aids, increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable wheelchair.
    • Direct Deals: Transactions are generally face-to-face, which may facilitate easier negotiations and a more transparent buying process.

Rental Services

When one seeks a wheelchair for short-term use or to test out different models before purchasing, rental services provide a convenient and cost-effective solution. Many medical supply stores and pharmacies offer wheelchair rentals. They typically present a selection of manual and powered wheelchairs, catering to varying needs for mobility assistance.

Pricing Structure:

  • Daily rates: Ideal for brief periods, such as recovering from surgery.
  • Weekly rates: More economical for extended use.
  • Monthly rates: Best value for those requiring a temporary solution.

Benefits of Renting:

  1. Flexibility: Alter the rental term to suit individual requirements.
  2. Maintenance: Rental companies usually handle repairs, reducing additional stress.
  3. Variety: One can try different wheelchair models to determine the best fit.


  • Contact a rental service.
  • Discuss mobility needs.
  • Choose the appropriate wheelchair model.
  • Agree upon the rental period and price.

Required Documentation:

  • Valid identification.
  • Credit card for security deposit.
  • Sometimes, a prescription from a healthcare provider.

It's essential to inquire about the service's policy on damage or late returns to prevent unexpected fees. Moreover, for convenience, some services offer delivery and pickup options. Always opt for a reputable provider to ensure access to quality wheelchairs and reliable customer support.

Financial Aid and Assistance

This section is for people wondering where to buy wheel chair Individuals with financial support. Charitable organizations often provide assistance to those in need, while government programs are designed to make health care equipment like wheelchairs more accessible.


Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Many charities and non-profit organizations offer wheelchairs at no cost or at reduced prices. Organizations such as The Wheelchair Foundation and Chariots of Hope operate on a national level and can provide assistance to individuals across the country.

Charity Description Coverage Area
The Wheelchair Foundation Offers various types of wheelchairs, aiming to provide independence to those in need. National & Global
Chariots of Hope Refurbishes used wheelchairs and distributes them to people without the financial means. National

Local non-profits and community groups
may also have programs that assist with wheelchair purchases. They could have specific eligibility criteria, so one should contact them directly for information.

Government Programs

Government assistance for wheelchair purchases is often available through programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Eligible individuals can receive assistance with obtaining a wheelchair as part of their coverage.

  • Medicare: Provides coverage for durable medical equipment (DME), including wheelchairs, for those who have Part B.
  • Medicaid: Each state has different rules regarding eligibility and coverage, but most have some provision for those needing assistance with mobility devices.

In addition to federal programs, state-funded assistance programs may also offer financial aid or loans for wheelchairs to buy. One should check with their state's health department or a social services office to inquire about available programs.



Purchasing wheelchairs involves careful consideration of various factors including mobility needs, comfort, and budget. Exploring different avenues such as online retailers, local mobility stores, and healthcare providers can help ensure that the chosen wheelchair meets the specific requirements of the user. Each option offers unique advantages, from the personalized service of brick-and-mortar stores to the convenience and competitive pricing of online marketplaces. For those seeking cost-effective solutions, secondhand options and rental services provide viable alternatives.

Additionally, financial aid from charitable organizations and government programs can significantly alleviate the financial burden. Ultimately, thorough research and consultation with professionals can lead to a well-informed decision, ensuring enhanced mobility and quality of life for the user.

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