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We Sell BRAND NEW Equipment with Free Shipping & Zero Sales Tax – Offer Valid Through May!
We Sell BRAND NEW Equipment with Free Shipping & Zero Sales Tax – Offer Valid Through May!

Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

Welcome to our dedicated collection page, where we feature an innovative range of tilt in space wheelchairs designed to provide superior comfort and support to individuals with mobility challenges. Our selection includes both manual and tilt in space power wheelchair models, ensuring that we cater to a variety of needs and preferences.

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What is a Tilt in Space Wheelchair?

A tilt in space wheelchair is a specialized mobility device that allows the seat and backrest to tilt relative to the base, maintaining a constant angle at the hips, knees, and ankles. This design is essential for pressure relief, improved posture, and enhanced user comfort. It's particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods in a wheelchair and require additional support for complex seating needs.

Benefits of Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

Enhanced Comfort and Pressure Relief

Tilt in space wheelchairs are engineered to redistribute pressure, minimizing the risk of pressure ulcers and enhancing overall comfort. By tilting the seating position, users can alleviate discomfort and enjoy longer periods of sitting without the need for frequent repositioning.

Improved Posture and Support

Maintaining proper posture is crucial for wheelchair users. Tilt in space wheelchairs support the body's natural alignment, reducing the strain on the spine and muscles. This support is vital for those with postural difficulties or who cannot reposition themselves independently.

Versatility and Customization

Our collection of tilt in space wheelchairs offers a range of customization options to fit the unique needs of each user. With adjustable components and accessories, users can achieve the perfect fit for maximum comfort and functionality.

Our Tilt in Space Wheelchair Collection

Manual Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

Ideal for those who prefer a lighter and more transportable option, our manual tilt in space wheelchairs offer the same benefits of tilting without the need for batteries or motors. These models are perfect for users with caregivers or for those who have the ability to self-propel.

Tilt in Space Power Wheelchairs

For individuals seeking the ultimate in convenience and independence, our tilt in space power wheelchair models provide effortless tilting at the touch of a button. These power wheelchairs are equipped with robust motors and intuitive controls, making them a top choice for paralyzed users who require powered assistance.

Find Your Perfect Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Whether you're in search of a manual or a power option, our collection of tilt in space wheelchairs is designed to meet your specific needs. Explore our range of products, each crafted with care and precision to ensure the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Personalized Seating Systems

We understand that every individual's body is unique, which is why we offer personalized seating systems. Our expert team is available to assist with selecting the appropriate cushioning, high backrests, and support mechanisms to create a seating solution tailored just for you.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to mobility equipment. Our tilt in space wheelchairs are built with advanced safety features, including durable construction, secure harnesses, and reliable braking systems. Experience peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is seated in a wheelchair that's designed with safety as a top priority.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Customize your tilt in space wheelchair with a variety of accessories and add-ons. From headrests and lateral supports to tray tables and storage options, we offer a range of products to enhance your wheelchair experience. These accessories are designed to improve functionality and make daily life more convenient.

Expert Guidance and Support

Choosing the right wheelchair can be overwhelming. That's why our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the selection process. We'll help you understand the features and benefits of each model, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and mobility goals.

Embrace Mobility with Confidence

Invest in a tilt in space wheelchair from our collection and embrace a new level of mobility and independence. Whether you opt for a manual or a tilt in space power wheelchair, you'll enjoy the freedom to move comfortably and safely throughout your day.

Ready to Find Your Match?

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect tilt in space wheelchair that caters to your needs. Contact us for more information, to schedule a consultation, or to place an order. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the best possible mobility solution.


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    Original price $2,199.00 - Original price $2,199.00
    Original price $2,199.00
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    $1,895.00 - $2,015.00
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    EV Rider Spring Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

    EV Rider
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    About the Spring: The Heartway Spring is a manual wheelchair with a lightweight aluminum frame. The Spring uses a Tilt N Space seat that operates m...

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    Original price $2,199.00
    Original price $2,199.00 - Original price $2,199.00
    Original price $2,199.00
    $1,895.00 - $2,015.00
    $1,895.00 - $2,015.00
    Current price $1,895.00
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